Current Auditions

No Sex Please, We’re British

by Anthony Marriott & Alistair Foot

March 20 & 21
6 pm

Directed by Norma Bean

A young bride who lives above a bank with her husband who is the assistant manager, innocently sends a mail order off for some Scandinavian glassware. What comes is Scandinavian pornography. The plot revolves around what is to be done with the veritable floods of pornography, photographs, books, films, and eventually girls that threaten to engulf this happy couple. The matter is considerably complicated by the man’s mother, his boss, a visiting bank inspector, a police superintendent, and a muddled friend who does everything wrong in his reluctant efforts to set everything right, all of which works up to a hilarious ending of closed or slamming doors. This farce ran in London over eight years and also delighted Broadway audiences.


7 Males
3 Females

We can age up or down depending on the character. Three characters have been precast (Francis, Peter, and Brian).


Eleanor Hunter: (50+): Peter’s mother. Your stereotypical mother-in- law: subtly

overbearing, only slightly interfering, just a wee bit judgmental and completely

oblivious to the fact that her settling in to the guest room could interrupt the

newlywed bliss

Leslie Bromhead: (45+) The district manager, and Peter’s boss at the bank. An

English gentleman.

Superintendent Paul: (45+) Of the local police force. A genial man, who doesn’t

drink on duty. Unless there’s Vodka, and then it should be just a small double.

B.R.S. Delivery Man: (18+)

Mr. Needham: (45+) A Bank Inspector-Straight laced, chronic insomniac

Susan & Barbara: (18-35) Paid and scantily clad party girls sent by The

Scandinavian Import Company after several complaints from the customers

living in the apartment above the bank; it’s their job to make the customer happy.

They both enjoy the job, and just can’t figure out why everyone in the apartment

is so uptight!


Rehearsals begin March 22 (dependant on casting) Generally Mon. – Thurs. 6pm – 9pm
Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays possible for scene work and full cast rehearsals
Show dates: May 18 – June 4, 2017 (ThursdaySunday)

Director Info:
Norma Bean

Scripts will be available now.

Scenes from the play will be read during the audition.


Call the box office for information. 706-632-9223

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