School of Rock Auditions
by Andrew Lloyd Webber
Directed by Lindsey Doss
Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday
November 12 – 14
6 PM

Based on the cult film and with a rocking new score from Andrew Lloyd Webber, School of Rock follows slacker Dewey Finn as he turns a class of straight – A students into an ear-popping, riff-scorching, all-conquering rock band! As they prepare for the Battle of the Bands, can Dewey make them embrace the empowering message of rock?

Casting ages 12 – 26.

We are casting the following roles:
Dewey Finn– The protagonist, Dewey is a struggling rockstar who is kicked out of his
band, No Vacancy, at the beginning of the show. In need of money, he impersonates
Ned Schneebly and gets a substitute teacher job at the Horace Green School, where he
founds the band School of Rock with the students, who are musical prodigies. Dewey is
wild, desperate, naive, dull-witted, and somewhat more childish than his students.
Rosalie Mullins- Rosalie is the principal of Horace Green, and is very uptight and
traditional at school. However, she feels an intense amount of pressure from work, which
is what causes her to be so high strung. She has a secret love of rock and roll music,
and longs to be as carefree as she once was.
Ned Schneebly– Dewey’s longtime friend, former bandmate, and current
roommate. Ned is very easily manipulated, and tends to let people walk all over
him—especially his wife, Patty. He still loves rock and roll music, but is held down by
Patty. He is a substitute teacher and is impersonated by Dewey at Horace Green.
Patty- Ned’s wife. She is very demanding and domineering, and doesn’t let Ned make
any decisions for himself. She hates Dewey and wants him out of the apartment and out
of her and Ned’s lives.

Summer Hathaway (Band Manager)- Summer is a high-achieving girl who
hates nonsense. Initially, she absolutely despises Dewey, but comes to love the
band—or, perhaps, the power that comes with it—and is willing to do anything to see it
achieve. Summer is one of the brightest students at Horace Green, as shown by the fact
that she has significantly more gold stars on the achievement board than any of her
peers. Throughout the show, she is convinced that winning the "Battle of the Bands" will
look good on her college application.
Tomika- Tomika transfers to Horace Green after being accepted off of the waiting list.
She is shy and doesn’t speak to anyone at school, and feels as though she’s not as
intelligent as the other students. However, it turns out that she is a highly gifted singer,
and becomes the secondary singer in School of Rock.
Zack Mooneyham (Guitar)- Zack is the son of an uptight businessman with no
time for his children. Because of that, Zack keeps a lot bottled inside. Dewey discovers
that Zack is actually a musical prodigy, as shown when Zack writes the band's anthem,
Teacher’s Pet, after only a month or so of playing rock music.
Freddie Hamilton(Drums)- Freddie is a rambunctious boy. He is constantly told
he isn’t intelligent—by both his own father and Summer—but Freddie and Dewey both
think that he’s intelligent in a different way, and that Freddie’s father just doesn’t see that.
Katie (Bass)- Katie is a quiet, serious girl who keeps mostly to herself. She plays
the cello at school, but is quick to pick up the bass at Dewey’s encouragement. She is
stone-faced when she plays, and takes her instrument and the band very seriously,
although not as much as Summer takes managing.
Lawrence (Piano / Keyboard)- Lawrence is an unconfident boy, and is also
gluten intolerant. He initially believes that he isn’t cool enough to be a part of the band,
but Dewey is able to convince him that he’s amazing. At the beginning of the show,
Lawrence’s only friend is Tomika, but he doesn’t think she counts because she never
talks. He’s a very imaginative keyboard player, and talented at improvising.
Marcy (Backup Singer)- Marcy is the inseparable friend to Shonelle. They both
are backup singers in the band and have voices like angels.
Shonelle (Backup Singer)- Shonelle is the inseparable friend to Marcy. They
both are backup singers in the band and have voices like angels.
Billy Sandford- Billy is a boy with a love of style and fashion. He is disgusted with
Dewey’s outfit choices, and how no one else in the band shares his artistic vision, but is
confident is his styling choices regardless. Billy comes from a long line of football
players, and his father wants him to be one as well, but Billy has absolutely no interest in
doing so.
Sophie- Sophie and Madison are School of Rock’s roadies, but, since the band
doesn’t go on tour, they are essentially backup dancers. Each girl is a talented dancer
and they could often be found together, much like Marcy and Shonelle.
Madison- Madison and Sophie are School of Rock’s roadies, but, since the band
doesn’t go on tour, they are essentially backup dancers. Each girl is a talented dancer
and they could often be found together, much like Marcy and Shonelle.
Mason Ward (Tech)- Mason is a super-smart, nerdy, tech-savvy boy who designs
all the lighting and special effects for the band.
James (Security)- James is a gruff and tough boy who becomes the band’s
security guard. During rehearsals, Dewey has him stand near the door, and if James
sees anyone potentially who might blow School of Rock’s cover—like Rosalie or one of
the teachers—he has the job of alerting the rest of the band so they can hide the

Mrs. Sheinkopf
Mr. Green
Gabe Brown
Mr. Sanders
Ms. Gordon
Ms. Bingham
Mr. Woodward
Mr. Janes
Mr. Wagner

Mr. Mooneyham- Zacks Father
Mrs. Hathaway- Summers Mother
Mr. and Mrs. Williams- Tomikas Parents
Mr. and Mrs. Sandford- Billy’s Parents
Mr. and Mrs. Ward- Masons Father
Mr. Hamilton- Freddys Father
Mrs. Turner- Lawrences Mother
Mrs. Travis- Katies Mother

Jeff Sanderson (Manager of Battle of the Bands)
Security Guard


Come prepared with a minute of a rock and roll song and be prepared to read sides (selections from the musical). Guitar, bass guitar, drums, and keys will be provided at the audition. If you are auditioning for a role that plays an instrument please have a sample of your abilities prepared – preferably a rock song (no Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star).

Auditions will be held November 12 -14 at 6pm. Rehearsals will generally be Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and some Saturdays/Sundays. A detailed rehearsal calendar will be provided during auditions. Please be prepared to provide rehearsal conflicts with your audition forms.
Questions? Contact Lindsey Doss –