Hotbed Hotel
By Michael Parker


Terri and Brian Cody are hoping to sell their “One Star Hotel” in the Florida Keys, to the only man who has expressed any interest in buying it, a Mr. Sam Lewis from New York. They are not expecting him for a couple of weeks, and are rather caught off-guard when they receive a phone call informing them that he flew into Miami today, is driving down, and will be arriving this afternoon. Unfortunately, they have so few guests they are afraid that Mr. Lewis will see at once, that the hotel is a bad investment. You can see where this is leading…it is a farce after all…AND A VERY FUNNY ONE TOO!

Plays run Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoons only.

  • Directed by: Norma Bean
  • Date: September 20 – October 7
  • Time: Thur – Sat – 7:30 pm; Sun – 2:00pm
  • PG-13

Our cast for Hot Bed Hotel

Reverand Hopkins

played by

James Calhoun

Miss Winthrop


Debbi Friend

Alex Nawrocki

Played by

Major Ponsenby

Abdu El Hajj


Played by

Terri Cody

Debbi Friend

Sam Lewis

Played by

Rick Siefken


Played by

Candy Hagerman


Jim Calhoun

Played by

Haley Harrington

played by

Patti Carreau


played by

Dineen Ford

Brian Cody

Played by

Randy Bean


played by

Bree Collar

Hot Bed Hotel

Written by : Michael Parker

Directed by: Norma Bean

Technical Director: Joe Webb

Stage hand: Heath Burnett

Light/Sound Design and Tech: Jeff Jones

Costume Lead Kim Westcott

Set Decoration: Lee Dittman


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