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An intimate new venue for breathtaking performances

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Blue Ridge Community Theater proudly offers a new Theater Experience that we are so excited to announce to our Patrons: Black Box Theater. We have created a more intimate environment to offer our patrons seeking a serious theater experience in a small immersive setting. With an emphasis on writing and acting, we will bring you shows that are not only critically acclaimed and award-winning, but also provide challenges for our actors seeking more complex and ‘meatier’ shows than the comedies we typically present on the Main Stage. Seating is currently limited and shows only run for three performances, so we strongly encourage buying tickets in advance.


Joey Roderick

Scott Nelson

James Calhoun

Walt Foegelle

Silas Reel

Love & Death by Poe

Adapted by Kathy Ryan-Forez

Co-Directed by Kathy Ryan-Forez & Joey Roderick

October 28 – 31
Thursday – Saturday at 7:30pm
Saturday & Sunday at 2:00pm


Join the master of Horror himself as Edgar Allen Poe guides you through a frightful evening of his most terrifying and popular works. Experience the fear of the Wife Buried Alive, follow Montresor through the Italian Catacombs in the Cask of Amontillado. Join us in a kingdom by the sea, us meaning I and my Annabel Lee, and revel in the love and obsession of the Painter of the Oval Portrait. ‘Nevermore’ cries The Raven as the steady beat of The Tell-Tale Heart echoes in your ears, join us for this horror show sure to inspire all your fears!


Spoon River Anthology

A BRCT Studios Film

This ambitious project collected 40 actors & actresses across the two decades of the theater’s history, and was filmed over the course of 6 months. Originally Debuting at BRCT in October 2020, this film was featured in the 2021 Blue Ridge Film Festival’s Special Screening Category, and was included in an exclusive Encore Screening weekend!

Spoon River Anthology tells the story of the fictitious town of Spoon River, IL, and is told exclusively by the specters of its deceased citizens. These spirits, finding some solace in sharing the secrets that outlived them, speak of their accomplishments, their regrets, as well as how they met their inevitable end. What is unearthed in the process, however, are the surreptitious small-town secrets that many of the denizens of Spoon River would have killed to discover whilst alive, woven together to unveil the less-than-pastoral portrait that they paint of Spoon River and its inhabitants.


Check out these clips from the film below!

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Father Flynn – Gary Collier
Sister Aloysius – Sharon Young
Sister James – Stephanie Smith
Mrs. Muller – Venae Ellis

Doubt: A Parable

Written by: John Patrick Shanley
Directed by Mike Dunham
Rated PG-13 for Mature Themes

May 20 – 30
Thursdays – Saturdays at 7:30pm
Sundays at 2:00pm
Special Matinee Saturday May 22 at 2:00pm

The year is 1964, and the stern nun Sister Aloysius, based upon a few circumstantial details and a lot of intuition, believes that one of the priests at the St. Nicholas Catholic Church and school has been molesting a 12-year-old boy named Donald Muller, the school’s only African-American student. Sister Aloysius recruits a young, naive nun (Sister James) to assist her in monitoring the suspicious yet charismatic Father Flynn. The play concludes with a one-on-one confrontation between Sister Aloysius and Father Flynn as she attempts to get the truth out of the priest.



Winner of the 2005 Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award for Best Play

All the elements come invigoratingly together like clockwork in John Patrick Shanley’s provocative new play, DOUBT, a gripping story of suspicion cast on a priest’s behavior that is less about scandal than about fascinatingly nuanced questions of moral certainty. Something rare for this season: a laudable new American play.” —Variety

“An eloquent and provocative investigation of truth and consequences. A gripping mystery, tightly written.” —Time Out NY

Old Times

Written by Harold Pinter
Directed by Michael Berkman

September 23 – 26
Thursday – Saturday at 7:30pm
Saturday & Sunday also at 2:00pm

When Deeley and his wife Kate meet up with Anna, an old friend of Kate’s. Anna strolls down memory lane with memories of concerts and bohemian haunts the two women shared while living together in London. When the memories prove to be a tool to vie for Kate’s attention, Deeley also begins to bring up stories that are almost too clear to be true. However it’s Kate’s memory that gives the play it’s shocking conclusion.

“Transfixing… cunning, sexy, ultimately highly disturbing.” – The New York Times

“So resonant… exposes the way we shape the past according to the psychological needs of the present.” – The Guardian


Deeley – Michael Lacy
Kate – Patty Carreau
Anna – Kathy Ryan-Fores


As an art form, Black Box Theatre serves a greater purpose of connecting the audience to the performers in a purposeful and uninterrupted way. Black Box Theaters have been popular since the 1920’s, and they can offer the ability to easily transform a scene through flexible staging and an intimate closeness to the performers that allows for a greater sense of immersion. In its most basic description, a Black Box Theatre is a simple, open space consisting of four walls, a floor, and a ceiling that are typically painted black.

At Blue Ridge Community Theater we have talked for years about creating a Black Box space. We had dreamed of a space where we could develop new talent in actors and directors. We dreamt of a space where we could perform a more diverse selection of high quality plays that may not necessarily be a good fit for Main Stage, where productions typically require more mass appeal, as well a longer commitment from our volunteer actors.. We hoped to expand our audience by appealing to theater goers who enjoy a good drama or a more intimate immersive theater experience. These shows will involve smaller casts and less reliance on set design allowing the artists and audience to focus on actors, characters and writing. We still love our main stage and the shows that continue to entertain so many of our Patrons will continue to grow. Black Box allows us to enhance the overall theater experience for more options for all.

We had a successful fund raising project for our Black Box that ended just as the Pandemic struck. We had earmarked the donations for Black Box to sit safely until we were ready to begin work. As blessings sometimes come unexpectedly, the shut down gave us time to focus on the planning and execution of the Black Box Plan which in normal circumstances would be a challenge with our busy schedule. We did not waste a minute preparing the space and thanks to an incredible crew of volunteers we have transformed a special part of out theater into the Blue Ridge Black Box Theater.