There are all kinds of ways in which you can volunteer to help with BRCT. You can be an actor, work backstage, be a costume or prop manager, help with set construction….the list is almost endless, see some examples here.

Volunteers are the heart of community theater. Working collectively to bring a production to life before an admiring audience is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. Some stay for one show, some stay for years because being a part of something like that can be an addictive endeavor!



Just about every Tuesday afternoon at 1:00, volunteers meet at the theater and do whatever needs to be done. They may construct the stage setting, paint the walls, build props, clean, organize and just have fun. Show up, meet new people, and stay for a glass of wine during the participant’s Pour at Four.

Have questions?  Email us at info@blueridgecommunitytheater.com

 Proper training of all our volunteers is important to us. CPR training is held every year

Message from the President:

COVID has changed everything — 2020 has been a challenging year for your community theater. The one thing COVID didn’t change was the love and generosity of our theater family. You held us close in your hearts and minds and you have brought us thru, we are surviving. We cut the 2020 Season to 3 Main Stage shows. In 2021, we are currently scheduling 5 shows with the hope of returning to 7 shows in 2022. We have a 171-seat playhouse and can only about 50 seats per show. Year to date, ticket sales are down $120,000.

If you were to walk around the theater today, you’d notice things are different. A limited set crew all in masks, fewer volunteers around painting and cleaning up. Temperatures taken at the door before rehearsals, the constant fogging, cleaning and sanitizing. The show must go on! The safety of our volunteers and actors is paramount. We switch from a cast of 20 plus to a cast of 4 for our Christmas play. Even so, we had a case of COVID and had to shut down for two weeks and “ZOOM it in.” We all have a passion for the theater while COVID has changed everything, what makes your community theater great is exactly the same as its always been, us the people.

We’ve all given this year.

Donations saved us.

We are asking that you help us by giving again. Stand strong with us once again. Please donate by cell by texting “BRCT” TO (855)-735-2437 or donate by visiting our Website: BlueRidgeCommunityTheater.com.

Patricia Webb
President & Founder