Cornerstone Capital Campaign

Corrie & John Grado

The George Link Jr. Charitable Trust

Susan & Bill Marsh
Private Partner #3

Design Works, Rick LaRosa


Susan & Jack Rodber

Linda Claybaugh
Carolyn Dawson
Grumpy Old Men Brewing
Tompkins Digital Studios

Kathi & Gene Ivey Jr.
T. Ruben Jones Foundation
Nancy & Mark Staley
Patricia & Joe Webb


In 2009 we bought our own building and had two Mortgages. In nine years the Cornerstone Capital Campaign has raised over $600,000. We now have a single bank mortgage and a reasonable payment. We turned a burned out metal commercial building shell into a real jewel of a Theater. We now have One Hundred and Seventy-One wide-bodied cushioned Stadium Seats, Dressing Rooms, a Rehearsal Hall, a Costume & a Set Workshop, and we have it all because of you, our Donors. Your generosity has been the gift that keeps on giving. Within these walls, we have grown all our programs and added quality to our productions. It all started
with Corrie and John Grado kickstarting our buildout and Nora Link and the George Link Jr. Charitable Trust donating the completion. In between, two separate anonymous donors stepped up for the seats and Digital Sign.

Every dollar counted and we are thankful for all donors!
These Cornerstone Donors will be honored on our Lobby Wall and a new Capital Campaign will begin.