Goeff Achison


Equally adept with either electric or acoustic guitar, Geoff can provide the full electrifying experience with his outstanding blues/rock combo The Souldiggers or play a complete show highlighting his superb solo acoustic guitar skills and soulful vocal style. Geoff is an all-around musician who delights in entertaining the crowd but has also been described as a ‘guitarists guitarist’. He is one of those artists that can rock the house with brilliant intensity but also able to silence the crowd with beautiful, delicate phrasing. His music is firmly steeped in the blues but Geoff also injects funk, soul, jazz and even classical styles into the mix. He calls it ‘Bluesic’ meaning that the blues provides the foundation for making all manner of sounds with the hope that the message gets through.

As a songwriter, Geoff explores a myriad of themes from love & loss to politics & philosophy and often with his wry sense of humor shining through. Vocally, Geoff has been compared favorably to the gruff-voiced Joe Cocker, Warren Haynes and  Paul Weller. An extraordinary guitarist who plays quite unlike anyone else, Geoff has been a driving force on the Australian blues/roots scene inspiring and influencing many of his younger compatriots. Besides his music awards, he has been honored in ‘Australian Guitar Magazine’s’ Top 50 Guitarists, True Fire’s ‘100 Guitarists You Should Know’ and he is also Official Patron of the ‘Melbourne Blues Appreciation Society’,

Watson & Tilders are sadly no longer around, but Geoff’s success serves, in part at least, as a testament to their positive influence on the younger generation. Geoff Achison’s journey continues these days with himself an elder statesman of the vibrant local scene and a firm favorite with those in-the-know on the international stage.