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2019 Season

The Blue Ridge Community Theater is proud to present their 2019 Season!
Featuring Seven Main Stage Theater Productions, over a Dozen Live Music Is Better Concerts, Two Full-Length Children’s Productions, and Six Children’s Summer Camp Productions, BRCT has quality Live Entertainment that your whole family can enjoy!

Our Mainstage Season is carefully crafted by our Artistic Committee, a team composed of Directors and Performers led by our Vice President of Mainstage, Michael Lacy. Their primary goal is to create a versatile, engaging season that appeals to the various tastes of our patrons, performers, and creative visionaries.

Starting off the Season is Making God Laugh (March 7 – 24), A Family Comedy about how much our lives and relationships can evolve as we go from children to adulthood.
Prisoner of Second Avenue (April 11 – 28), A Dark Comedy that follows Mel & Edna Edison as they lose their jobs, their possessions, and eventually their minds!
Boeing Boeing (May 15 – June 2) touches down with non-stop Farcical action, as Bernard attempts to keep his 3 Flight Attendant fiancees from discovering each other!
A Funny Little Thing Called Love (July 11 – 28) takes the world for a spin on this international, interwoven web of love stories, all illuminated by the pale glow of a Legendary Moon.
Everybody Loves Opal (August 15 – September 1) is a devious little comedy in which 3 dastardly conmen attempt to Insure & kill off the kind-hearted, benevolent Opal Kronike.
A Facility for Living (September 19 – October 6) imagines a quasi-dystopian Comedy where healthcare omits you for the smallest of tresspasses and prisons are ‘renovated’ into Senior Care Facilities.
Finally, It’s a Wonderful Life (November 21 – December 15) rounds out the year with a true holiday classic, the story of George Bailey and his guardian angel, who shows him the world as if he’d never been born.