Til Beth Do Us Part

Written By: Jones, Hope, & Wooten

Directed By: Toni Creed


April 22 – May 16

Thursdays – Saturdays at 7:30pm

Sundays at 2:00pm

Rated PG-13

In this side-splitting comic romp about marriage, career-driven Suzannah Hayden needs a lot more help on the home front than she’s getting from her husband, Gibby. Lately, nurturing his marriage of twenty-seven years hasn’t been the highest priority for Gibby, but pretty soon he’ll wish it had been. Enter Beth Bailey, Suzannah’s newly-hired assistant, a gregarious, highly-motivated daughter of the South. To Suzannah’s delight, Beth explodes into the Hayden household and whips it into an organized, well-run machine. This couldn’t have happened at a better time for Suzannah, since her boss, Celia Carmichael, is flying in soon for an important make-or-break business dinner. Gibby grows increasingly wary as Beth insinuates herself into more and more aspects of their lives. In no time, she exceeds her duties as a household assistant and interjects herself into Suzannah’s career. As Suzannah’s dependence on Beth grows and Gibby’s dislike of the woman deepens, Suzannah gives Beth carte blanche to change anything in the household that “will make it run more efficiently.” And the change Beth makes is convincing Suzannah that Gibby must go! When he realizes it’s Suzannah’s career Beth is really after, a newly-determined Gibby sets out to save his marriage aided by Suzannah’s best friend, Margo, a wisecracking divorcee and her ex-husband, Hank, who is in the midst of his own mid-life crisis. Their effort to stop Beth at any cost sets up the wildly funny climax in which things go uproariously awry just as Suzannah’s boss arrives for dinner.


Suzannah – Bethany Jones

Gibby – Daniel Jones

Beth – Patty Carreau

Margo – Chris Mortimer

Hank – Lee Dittman

Cecelia – Hope Burns

BRCT Opens Play a Year in the Making

In March of 2020 the world collectively seemed to go dark; planes and ships halted their departures, businesses shuttered their doors and windows, and production of virtually any form of play, TV show, or Movie ground to a screeching hault as people across the globe holed up in their homes for an unprecedented lockdown. While the effects of the Pandemic were felt the world over, it’s the shockwaves that rocked our small mountain community that have lingered with all of us.


On March 10, 2020, just as the true gravity of the pandemic was setting in with us here in the US, the Blue Ridge Community Theater was holding Auditions for a charming comedy, Til Beth Do Us Part, written by renowned playwriting team Jones, Hope, & Wooten. Just a week later, the theater, following the guidance from CDC and State Officials, went truly dark for the first time in it’s twenty year history. While Toni Creed, the Director, and her cast knew the show would face hurdles and be delayed, none of them (or any of us for that matter) knew just how long they would be waiting on bated breath to return to the stage. Even after the theater cautiously resumed some activities in September, the ’Til Beth’ Cast was wary of the possibility of another closure, and elected to wait and see what the next few months would hold before resuming production.


In a year like 2020, however, so much can unfold so quickly. One cast member, playing the eponymous character of Beth Bailey, had put her home on the market in February, and was shocked to see just how quickly the property was snapped up by eager buyers fleeing the Atlanta Area, and was forced to withdraw from the production. Likewise, another cast member was forced to change jobs due to the pandemic, and begrudgingly turned in his script. Casting troubles aside, the Director called in two of the most experienced actors at BRCT to round out her still eager cast.


Now, thirteen months after Auditions, the cast couldn’t be more excited to finally bring this show to the stage! Opening on April 22 and playing thru May 16, Til Beth Do Us Part is here for a refreshing return to normalcy after a dreadfully long absence. This Comedy follows Suzannah & Gibby Hayden (played by the ‘real-life couple’ Bethany and Daniel Jones) as they seek to find balance between their personal life and Suzannah’s busy career in Cincinnati. Overwhelmed by her many responsibilities, Suzannah hires on a personal assistant, none other than the sweet southern homemaker, Beth Bailey (Patty Carreau). Beth gets right to work picking up Suzannah’s housework, but she doesn’t stop at cleaning and organizing, but rather moves furniture and redecorates the whole house! While Gibby begins to feel Beth’s ‘go-get-em’ attitude is getting out of hand, Suzannah finds it refreshing and brings Beth in to help her with some of her work at Carmichael Chocolates, just as she learns the founder, Celia Carmichael (Hope Burns) is planning to come to Cincinnati!

But when Gibby discovers Beth has plans to bypass Suzannah and present Celia with her own line of ‘Beth’s Sweet Tea Truffles’, Beth realizes that the next piece of furniture to be ousted is Suzannah’s Husband! Through clever ploy, Beth frames Gibby as jealous and hateful, and convinces Suzannah to kick him out until after Celia visits! As the personal assistant digs deeper into taking over Suzannah’s life, it’s up to Gibby and his friends, divorced couple Margo and Hank (Chris Mortimer and Lee Dittman) to reveal Beth as a fraud before she can seal the deal with Celia!