The Blue Ridge Community Theater Board of Directors met the morning of March 17th to evaluate the current situation of the COVID-19 “Coronavirus” Pandemic. After much discussion and thoughtful consideration, we have elected to postpone all events for the next 8 Weeks (individual event details below). This was a difficult decision to make as we all believe in our hearts that “the show must go on” but we are making the choice to do our part in limiting the spread and protecting our most vulnerable citizens in this time of Crisis.

The Theater will be closed for the next two weeks. This includes all Meetings, Classes, Volunteer Days, Rehearsals, and of course performances. Please be on the lookout for messages from your Directors, Teachers, and Committee Leadership on rescheduling. 

If you have purchased tickets to a cancelled or rescheduled event, our Box Office Staff will be contacting you through the next few days. You are of course welcome to turn your ticket purchase into a donation to the theater, exchange tickets for a show later in the year, or refund your tickets. 

Please be aware that our Board will meet periodically to evaluate the status of the outbreak. We will keep you posted on any updates as they develop and appreciate your understanding and patience in these difficult times. We will continue to follow the CDC’s guidelines.


Event Details

Four Old Broads – The Third Weekend of this Show has been rescheduled, and will reopen to Audiences on the weekend of May 14th.

2020 Fundraising Gala – This Event will be rescheduled. Date TBA

Randall Bramblett – This Event will be rescheduled for August 7th at 7:30 PM

Live Music is Better – The Following Events are Cancelled: Live at the Fillmore, Apollo, and the Blue Ridge Chamber Music Concert.

Trouble at the Tropicabana – This production is postponed until 2021.

Til Beth Do Us Part – The production is rescheduled to August 13 – 30.

Sunny D Summer Camp – Shall proceed with registration as Planned until further notice.

Live Music is Better – Michelle Malone’s Concert on June 27th, as well as all following 2020 Concerts, will Proceed as planned at this time.

LUV – This Production will proceed as Scheduled at this time.

Sandy Toes & Salty Kisses – This production is postponed until 2021.

The Remaining 2020 Season will proceed as Scheduled.

A Surprisingly Saucy Senior Comedy

Four Old Broads

Rescheduled for:

May 14 – 24

Thursday – Saturday at 7:30 pm; Sunday at 2:00 pm

Written by Leslie Kimbell
Directed by Lee Dittman

(Rated PG-13 for Language and Mature Themes)

These gals in the home are in desperate need of a vacation, but they take the same trip they take every year, a snooze-cruise through Helen, GA. But Beatrice, like any former burlesque Queen, refuses to be boring. With the help of her friends, the pious Eaddy Mae, forgetful Imogen, soap-obsessed Maude, and the retired Elvis Impersonator Sam, these geriatric grandparents attempt to sneak away to the Sassy Seniors Caribbean Cruise!
But will their farcical plan work, or will the Killjoy Nurse Pat spoil their getaway and simply send them down the river?

“If The Golden Girls was rebooted today, it would look much like Four Old Broads, a clever geriatric comedy.” – Carolina Curtain Call

Contemporary Rock & Blues

Michelle Malone

June 27th at 7:30

Michelle Malone is an award-winning American singer, songwriter, guitarist, and producer in the rock, folk, blues and pop idioms. She is also the founder of SBS Records.

Michelle Malone’s musical roots run deep and wide like the mighty Mississippi river, twisting and turning through rock, blues, and Americana territory. Her music is influenced by the red dirt rhythms from her Georgia home – blues, soul and rock and roll. “Malone is a master at mixing blues and Americana music” (GUITAR PLAYER MAGAZINE).

Compared to most musical artists in the Americana genre, Michelle Malone seems like a pair of distressed blue jeans amidst a sea of pantsuits. Unlike the surplus of self-professed rootsy rebels, one listen to this woman from Georgia and you know you’re hearing the real thing. A singer, songwriter, guitarist, producer whose music is informed by roots rock, blues, folk and Georgia soul, Michelle Malone’s performances can go from contemplative coffeehouse quiet to rowdy and “Deluxe reverb on 10” at the turn of a dime. Her passionate, uncompromising style has won her loyal following world wide. She’s a wild-haired Rock Goddess, political singer/songwriter, passionate raw performer with early roots in the church choir  – no single characterization tells the whole story.

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